Rwanda Bean- New Crop

Rwanda Bean- New Crop

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Building Equitable and Sustainable Value Chains

Gihanga ("Creator", "Founder") is a Rwandan cultural hero described in oral histories as an ancient  king popularly credited with establishing the ancient Kingdom of Rwanda. Oral legends relate that Gihanga introduced foundational elements of the African Great Lakes civilization, including fire, cattle, metalworking, hunting, woodworking and pottery.

He is described as possessing talents in leadership, technology and religion.It is said he ruled Rwanda from his palace in the forest of Buhanga.

So we have dedicated our coffee to Gihanga


Fully-washed at two central washing stations

-Mbizi coffee washing station    

Located in Southern Province

Kamonyi District

Rukoma   Sector

Mbizi Cell

Farmers: 2515

Capacity: 115,2MT of Green coffee

This coffee washing station  Works with women coffee Association




Double fermentation: dry for

12 hours and humid for 12hours, soaked for 6-12 hours

Dried on raised beds

Parchment stored in ventilated warehouse

Shipment : From July to December

15-25˚C temperature

coffee pulp distributed to

farmers for compost

cup profile: honey, orange,

blueberry, chocolate

Cupping Score 86+